Monday, September 19, 2005

National Day of Protest: Lompoc Action

As most of you may know, Saturday September 24, 2005 is a national day of protest both here and in the United Kingdom. The majority of Americans have had enough with the misguided foreign and domestic policies of the Bush Administration. This is our chance to show our elected officials that we are tired of our national treasure being wasted on an illegal war, money that should be going toward the protection of our own citizens in times of crisis and to the health and well being of all Americans.

If you are interested in participating in this action and cannot make it to San Francisco or Los Angeles we want you know that there will be a peace march and picnic here in Lompoc. We will be meeting at Centennial Park, located on H Street and Cypress Ave. at 10:30 AM. We will march along H Street and return to the park for a potluck picnic. Bring signs of peace and food or drink to share and join us for this peaceful demonstration.

Exercise your constitutional rights and become a participant in the democratic process. For more information please contact or call 736-5459. Hope to see you on Saturday.

In peace,
Mary AlKhaja


Blogger Spectator said...

Love peace!

The greatest obstruction to the advancement of civilization has been the lives and treasure spent on the waging of war. The pursuit of peace is the noblest endeavor of mankind.

But peace is simply a lack of violence, and a lack of violence does not lead to peace of mind. Severely oppressed people can live in peace, and must make the choice between lack of violence, submission, lack of freedom, or revolution.

Should the peace movement in it’s support of peace condone the oppression of humanity?
Of course not. When one is raped, should one lay back and enjoy it? Of course not.

Turn the cheek and run is no doubt the best action that an individual can do to prevent further aggression. But bullies, criminals, and dictators exist. Thankfully, in our times, they are very few in number, because of the rule of law and democracy has prevailed.

The peace movement has always used politics and education to achieve it’s goals. They have worked for diplomacy and problem solving among nations. This goal is a noble endeavor.

Unfortunately , the peace movement is currently being used by those who bring discrace upon the noble endeavor. In order to achieve individual political power and the acceptance of an agenda that has nothing to do with peace, they hurl personal insults against those that they politically oppose and bring doubt upon democratic processes.

Strangely, the peace movement has accepted these people without criticism or rejection. The peace movement has laid down with dogs, and now has fleas. The peace movement is now regarded by mainstream thought as being composed of wild eyed radicals, misinformed people hurling insults, and those with no sence of history or rational thought. The recent happenings in Crawford Texas, and wild statements of those who say they wish peace, recorded by the national media and found on blogs, have polarized the rational members of our society against those persuing a noble endeavor. The movement has lost respect, and will probably never be able to regain it. Shame!

The second noblest endeavor is to wage war for the obtaining of peace through democracy and freedom. However, this war is the hardest to achieve, because it takes consensus, foresight, blood, guts, treasure, persistence, and a knowledge of history.

I support this war because I want peace and peace of mind for my children and humanity.

10:10 AM  
Blogger Lompoc Lamb said...

Dittos spectator.

Peace is not free - it has cost the lives of thousands, perhaps millions of American military members. It has also cost the lives of innocent people who were caught in the crossfire.

I prefer peace as well, but in a world full of tyrants armed to the teeth how do you achieve peace by ignoring the tyrant?

The message of “peace protesters” has been corrupted. Your goals can never be met by allowing a group with political motivation to deliver your message.

3:54 PM  

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