Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Worst Kind of Weapon You Can Imagine

As the catastrophic tragedy on the Mississippi Gulf Coast intensifies one can only ponder how this could possibly be happening in the United States of America. The greatest superpower on the planet, with the most technically advanced resources known to humankind at it’s disposal, could not quickly and efficiently evacuate the people affected by this disaster. Instead, our fellow Americans were left to starve and drown to death, while Bush and his cohorts wrapped up their summer vacations. How outrageous. How shameful.

It appears that the only thing this administration can lead us into is an illegal and immoral war of aggression. They certainly cannot lead us during a time of national crisis. And it is painfully obvious that in the first few days of this crisis there was no leadership on the national level, which ultimately led to the unnecessary demise of hundreds if not thousands of American citizens.

Unfortunately, I am so outraged these days that I am not really shocked by this latest atrocity. I am saddened, in fact sickened by it, but not shocked. Mr. Bush made a statement recently that what happened to the Mississippi Gulf Coast was the worst kind of weapon you can imagine. I beg to differ. The worst kind of weapon you can imagine is a superpower out of control.

It began when our government was hijacked by fanatics bent on world domination. It led to a policy of preemptive war which has drained our national treasury and taken the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide. The death and destruction began in the oil rich Middle East but has now found it’s way back home to our soil. Now my fellow Americans are paying the price for this insanity with their lives.

When will we say enough? When will Americans wake up and realize that they are being used, manipulated, robbed and now murdered by the worst kind of weapon you can imagine? When will we reclaim our democracy, our decency and our humanity? We have no more time to wait.


Blogger Gary Ray said...

To My fellow Bloggers at News Mission
I am posting a comment to your blog today to ask that you do something positive in helping the victims of the Katrina disaster. The one group in this disaster that has had more disruption and death is people with disabilities. People are calling for help with the pets that were left and that is a good thing. But…

I am calling for help for people with disabilities. I have been posting a number of articles in my blog deal directly with Katrina and people with disabilities. I ask that you go to the site and have a look. I also ask that you give money, time, what ever you can to help people with disabilities that have been affected by this disaster.

I also ask that you do your own disaster preparation for your own family.

Your Fellow News Mission Blogger
Gary Ray Rogers

11:15 AM  

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