Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Iraq is the real outrage

Recently a "God Bless America" poster was removed from the Lompoc Post Office after our local atheist objected to its presence and asked that it be taken down. As a result, numerous letters have been written to the paper objecting to its removal. Below is my letter to the editor regarding this matter.

I watch in amazement as letters pour in day after day about the controversy concerning a poster, or lack of it, in our local post office.

If someone didn't know better, they would think Mr. Hughes has committed a crime against humanity.

I find it fascinating and extremely disturbing that this is the thing that catapults our citizenry into standing up and taking action. I ask you why something so ridiculous as a poster can cause such outrage, when every day innocent men, women and children are dying in an illegal, immoral war of aggression perpetrated by our current administration?

In the last three years, tens of thousands of Iraqi lives have been lost, nearly three thousand of our own military men and women have died, and a sovereign nation was destroyed and is now being occupied by American forces, costing us millions of dollars every month, while our nation crumbles beneath our very feet.

Where is the outrage concerning this? Why aren't letters pouring in about these crimes against humanity? What is wrong with us that something as petty as a poster can overshadow the outrageous reality of an unnecessary war waged in our names and funded by our tax dollars, which only benefits the military/industrial complex to fulfill the demented vision of the neocons' New American Century?

Are we as a nation so fragile that we cannot speak the truth, that we can only be motivated by trivial matters? Perhaps it is easier to focus on whether God blesses America than to admit that we were lied to in order to wage a war of aggression, which is the ultimate crime against humanity. Perhaps it is easier for us to sleep at night if we are reminded on a daily basis that God is on our side, while we annihilate our fellow brethren in the Middle East for purely immoral reasons.

I think a new poster should be erected in our post office, it's simple statement, “God have mercy on us all.” Sorry, Matt, I don't mean to offend you.

Mary AlKhaja

Lompoc Coalition for Peace

and Justice


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